1. (verb) to be able, possible, within one's power, enable.

  2. (stative) be allowed, permitted.

  3. (noun) ability, opportunity, access.




Behind Āhei is Katie and Michaela.

A serendipitous meeting led to the discovery of a shared dream, and a plan to make a difference.


Katie Babbott

Katie has just finished her Masters in Social Science at the University of Waikato, evaluating the efficacy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the treatment of subclinical disordered eating. A practicing therapist with Youth Horizons Trust, Katie loves creating positive change in the community, and helping people to live good lives. When she’s not working, researching, or writing, you’ll find Katie running the river trails, undoubtedly stopping to pat every dog she passes.

Michaela Latimer

Having studied psychology, biology and public health, Michaela is passionate about enabling people and communities to flourish. She’s worked for some of New Zealand’s leading non-profits, including for the Cancer Society and Graeme Dingle Foundation and is currently a Youth Advisor to Philanthropy New Zealand. She’s certified in Intuitive Eating, a member of the Association for Size Diversity And Health and advocate of the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement. Michaela lives in Raglan, so she’s usually on the beach, in the bush or watching the sunset.