Creating Positive Food Memories

Food is often linked to the memories we make with our favourite people.

It’s the evening picnics with friends, the late night dinner table conversations with family, the date nights with our partner, the cups of tea and fruitcake when visiting our grandparents, the wine and platters shared with our best friends.

Have you noticed how your relationship with food and your body can affect these memories?

Photo credit: @sarskia

Photo credit: @sarskia

Some of my favourite memories are also, painfully, connected to my struggles with food and my body:

  • I can remember the occasions when I felt guilty that I ate too much.

  • The times when I was completely distracted from conversations because I was thinking about the food in front of me that I was trying my hardest not to eat.

  • The meals where I was worried about others judging what or how much I was eating.

  • The family holiday when I felt so disconnected to my body and thought every photo taken of me looked terrible.

  • The evenings I looked up the menu beforehand, not out of curiousity but out of fear about what to order.

  • Nights when I went home afterwards and binged on something.

  • The social events and opportunities I can recount missing because I was worried I couldn’t control what I was going to eat and that I wouldn’t be able to stick to my ‘perfect’ way of eating.   

When your relationship with food and your body is complicated, you miss out on being fully present.

Learning to eat intuitively can change so much of this.

Intuitive Eating is a practice that helps you get out of your head when it comes to your relationship with food and your body and tune into the signals your body is sending. Intuitive Eating helps break down arbitrary food rules, restrictions and external influences over what you can and can’t eat so you can focus on internal cues.

Eating intuitively means you can simply eat, and instead invest your energy and attention on the favourite people you’re eating alongside.

- Michaela

Michaela Latimer